below is an update from the usfra regarding the salt. not sounding particularly good at this point. i also saw a report from one of the scta guys that had been out there a couple of weeks ago and there is a soft spot just past the two mile marker on the international course. that is about where the problem was two years ago that made me “wiggle”. will keep you posted as i hear more.


the world of speed is scheduled for sept 10-13, world finals sept 27-30

Latest news!!!
On Tuesday, June 7th, myself and several other persons visited the salt flats.The salt is still wet and there are some standing puddles around the international course. The thickness of the salt has not changed much from last year and in some places it maybe thinner.
After looking for several hours we think that there are a couple areas that we we can use for a test and tune course. We will be able to select a course after the salt has dried some more. As of this time the USFRA test and Tune is on, pending future weather conditions. Dennis Sullivan, Pres. USFRA