After making two trips to the salt flats this summer to inspect the condition of the racing surface, I doubt we will make any runs this year. The salt crust is thin, fragile and very rough in spots. I do think it shows some signs of improvement over past years but still not good. My last visit was a couple of weeks ago immediately after the Speedweek event. I wanted to see how the race track held up with all the activity on it. It just is not in the condition where I am comfortable making any high speed attempts. We have been to 341 mph in the past and need to go faster!

The World Of Speed meet is in a couple of weeks and the World Finals the first week in October. I don't foresee any thing that will change or improve the salt conditions in the near term. Consequently we will be focusing on 2018.

We have made a bunch of somewhat minor upgrades to the car this past year and we are really comfortable with the changes and general condition of the car. We are ready when the salt is!