Design and engineering for the vehicle began in September 1992, with specific goals for aerodynamic loading (downloading), drag and other aerodynamic requirements. Preliminary wind tunnel testing was successfully completed at the University of Michigan wind tunnel facility and all design parameters were met or surpassed.


Engine: Single engine, large-block Ford V-8, 572 cubic inch displacement, turbocharged

Fuel: Compressed natural gas

Transmission: 5 Speed planetary-type, air shifted

Drive Train: All wheel drive, 1:1 ratio, custom design case, electronic traction control

 Wheels: Modular 16 x 6 aluminum

Tires: 24 inch diameter special Bonneville LSR tires, spun tested to 750 MPH

 Chassis: Tube frame/carbon fiber composite, suspension with +/- one inch travel

Body: Carbon fiber/Kevlar® composite

 Brakes: Single rear disc, three parachutes

Weight: 3,800 pounds, "wet" with driver

Dimensions: Approximate, not including vertical stabilizer, 32 inches wide by 26 inches high (34 inches at top of cockpit) by 29 feet long. Frontal area is 7.25 square feet.