We are planning on attending the World of Speed Meet September 15-18. The WOS is the usual meet for us, we like the low keyed atmosphere and the temperatures are much cooler than August. Have not had any reports on the salt flats for a while other than they were under water a month or so ago, which is not unusual. Hopefully we will get some drying conditions soon, likely won't know the actual condition of the race course until late June.

We have the backup emergency parachute deployment installed and it works great. After a lot of searching we found a pitch/roll sensing device that senses the car position and will trigger the chutes if we get to an "OS" moment. We have reworked the high speed chute system and have a new pilot chute for the HS as well. Really happy with the system now. 

We did the chassis set up on the car using scale pads in my shop recently, so we are ready for the salt. Just need to do a couple of minor tweaks to the Motec ECU.

Stay tuned for more updates as we get into the summer months. Let me know if you might be coming out to Bonneville this year.