After several weeks of looking at broken parts and chasing replacements, following is the latest update on the engine. The number two crankshaft rod journal was damaged but it is repairable and is in process. Two new rods on order, the remaining six with be sent in for reconditioning. Four new pistons (only needed two) being made to match the set. Will install new rings, rod bearings and main bearings. The heads look to be in pretty good shape, but will have them freshened up. We toasted the four CDI coils on the right side as a result of a small oil fire, will replace them. Waste gate monitors need replacement as well. Other than some wiring, and hoses nothing else needed. Really surprised we did not do more damage. 


The parachutes have had hard use and we blew a panel out of the main so will get new Kevlar chutes made. 


Plan to have it all back together by early summer and will return to the salt at either Speedweek ot the World of Speed. 400+ is certainly within reach.


More as we progress…..