We have completed most of the engine work as well as a number other improvements to the chassis and car in general. The heads are getting a new set of exhaust valves and springs, should be completed and back on the engine in a couple of weeks. New chutes are in production and we expect to have them by the first of June. Final assembly of the car by mid July and ready for tuning. Pretty excited about the overall number of tweaks, repairs and improvements. The car will go to the salt it the best condition that it has been in.

The salt conditions are looking promising.The winter water had gone away last week and things were looking good. However wet weather in western Utah has put the racing surface back under a couple of inches of water. Not a big deal at this point, still expect a lot of drying weather between now and the fall.

We plan to visit the salt in late June to check out conditions. As we get closed to a race date will post more info and updates.